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Do you worry about your cholesterol? Are you concerned about your aging parents? Do you want to improve your fitness?

Then NEVCO's Health and Life programming is here to keep you prepared.

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Join us as we bring to you an interactive blog on health care issues just for you.

This new site is a place where you will have a sounding board on issues facing society today.

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Our Advantages

  • Over 20 years experience in producing educational programs.
  • Powerful educational tools in every program.
  • Professionals in the field bring their knowledge to our programs.
  • Easy to understand concepts and ideas in each program.
  • Time-saving solutions for each program.

About Us

NEVCO's mission is to make high quality educational life care programing widely accessible to improve the quality of life.

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Key Staff Members

  • Ted Wolfendale Esq.
    President and CEO
  • Karen Tomlinson
    Director of Marketing
  • Scott Rouse
    Director of Production
  • W. C. Chhabra
    India Contact
  • Yao-Min
    Nevco East
  • Stephanie Anderson PHD, Esq.
    Director of Education